To provide the best entertainment in the industry.

Choose a service to schedule

90 Min-1000
The preferred option- because who wants to be rushed?
1 Hour Visitation-700
1 on 1 time to get to know each other ;-)
2 hour visitation-1400
In case you have more time for me I'm always ready!
3 hour visitiation- 1900
Sometimes a couple hours just isn't enough time in the day!
4 hour visitation-2400
Well if you have you have the time.. so do I.
6 hour visitation-3500
Take me out! Dinner, shopping, an event! You name it! Lets make this a trip to remember!
8 hour visitation-4400
9 to 5s are usually soooo boring. But who's working here?
12 Hour Visitation - 5900
Over Night/ 24 hours-9600 (call for appointment)
Slumber Parties are usually for little girls...but then again so are daddys.
30 min. Phone call - $100
If you just need to hear my voice and talk for awhile I'm here for you! This is set up through e-mail communication until we can agree upon a call time!